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Jonathan De Cesare


Royal Talens has identified 12 ambassadors who have a genuine interest in and love for the Rembrandt paint. During the Year of Rembrandt, one ambassador will be in the spotlight every month by telling their story. Artist Jonathan De Cesare was born with a pencil in his hand. As a self-educated artist, he improved his own drawing technique while trying to understand the genius of the Italian Renaissance as well as the XVIIth century Flemish painting. In this video Jonathan tells his story, he tells us all about his biggest influences, next projects and preferred mediums to work with.

2019 is a remarkable year. We will be celebrating the anniversary of one of the worlds most revered painters, the legendary Rembrandt van Rijn, who lived 350 years ago. The brand Rembrandt exists for 120 years. With 120 years of experience, knowledge and expertise, Rembrandt is the oldest quality brand of Royal Talens. Rembrandt developed into one of the world's most reputable brands of oil paints, soft pastels, acrylics and water colour for the professional artist. More information about "The Year of Rembrandt".

Video made by : Gomprod and Miztert